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Stop Capitalism?

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the word itself. That system is often seen as something ‘natural’, ‘normal’, as it comes together with eating, drinking and sleeping.

A cliché word, we have long hesitated to use… and yet it is the finance, ultra-liberalism and short-term profits that lead us to social, human, ecological and therefore democratic disasters.

Just like today, a stock market crash threatened the global economy in the months preceding September 11, 2001. Just before the attacks various put options were purchased from companies involved in the 9/11 attacks (American Airlines, etc). Because of this unbelievable amounts of money simply disappeared. The revival of the military-industrial complex and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was able to save the system for a moment, coincidence?
This system has a name: capitalism. This term that many dare to use for similar reasons to those that prevent them from openly criticizing the official version of 9/11.

We demand unconditional cancellation of Third World debt and implementation of the “Tobin tax” as urgent and minimal.

  • We want a democratic and citizen control on all financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, European Bank, Private Bank, etc.)

Imagine you can choose. Imagine money serves you, and not the other way around…

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