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Stop Big Brother(s)?

Control, electronic or not, isn’t new but “9/11” gave it a new and global dimension. Using our security as pretext various “Big Brother” are now watching us as never before. Most of new “anti-terrorist” laws are in fact anti-democratic laws and contrary to the International Human Rights.

All our real or virtual actions are controlled, analysed, memorised. The tracking of our location and moves (GSM, GPS, Camera, RFID) and all of our purchases (Credit Cards, Wire transfer, RFID) allow secret and intelligence services (often private companies) to know what you eat, read, listen, wear,… In short: our habits and opinion, when still having one!

The same goes for the internet, a useful tool, the virtual space where one have a feeling of freedom and anonymously. But we are mistaken: every search we make, every click and download, exchanges are identified, scanned, analysed stored for private commercial or political purposes. This via our unique identifier (IP), cookies, (non-)free software we use, those that we download without our knowledge of ISPs, with the all seeing eye of the creators of the web: the U.S. Army (DARPA).

In fact the web is a non-democratic structure, under the watchful eye of the IAO, where suppliers and hosts form a pyramid with ICANN sharing the summit. The US administration stubbornly refuses to comply with repeated requests from many countries to transfer that power to the UN. Also a new “post 9-11” European legislation, using the pretext of terrorism and the fight against piracy, will permanently lock and privatize the Web, making it ever more expensive or even inaccessible via free software.

  • We want laws that guarantee neutrality of the internet and fight any electronic threats on our freedom.
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