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Reopen 9/11 Investigation?

Our mission is not to (re)search or tell “what really happened” (until an independent investigation take place we shouldn’t even claim it was an “inside job”), but to point out the many lacks, non-senses and lies of the so called “Official Version” and therefore to demand that international investigation.

“9/11” is still in effect because more than ever we suffer from its “consequences”. From the Afghan peasant to the simple traveller or worker on strike we have all become “potential terrorists”!

For eight years now, too much evidence or blatant omissions that discredit the “Official Version” of “11 September 2001” have accumulated. Patiently collected and analysed, they are now being disclosed by a growing number of academics, scientists, architects, pilots, military, intelligence officers, politicians, experts in controlled demolition, associations or simple citizen that didn’t unlearn to how to think. Last year alone, many things have changed: we’re definitely no longer dealing with “conspiracy theory”, but mere facts:

  • the very former members of the Official Commission of the Inquiry on the 9 / 11 attacks  have openly expressed doubts about the “official version”. A view shared by more than 30% of U.S. citizens who declare themselves convinced that the government is involved or just deliberately allowed it to happen. (60% in New York!
  • Various groups of architects, physicists and other experts in areas such as intelligence reach the same conclusion.
  • The recent publication in the scientific publication “Open Chemical Physics Journal”, in an article written by nine researchers, demonstrates the presence of explosive materials like nano-termite in the dust of the World Trace Center,

Debunking the official version means invalidating the pretext for current and future wars against people and the democracy!

  • In solidarity with the American citizen, we demand independent and international investigation on the 9/11events.
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