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Below is the platform our partners support:

“In solidarity with the American citizens, we demand an independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks, which were the pretext for too many wars, lies, a serious decrease of (y)our civil rights, as for citizen and social movements criminalization (“anti-terrorist”-acts, secret prisons, “Patriot act”, etc.)
We want European troops back home!
We want laws that guarantee neutrality of the internet and fight any electronic threats on our freedom.
We want democratic and public control of financial organizations
(IMF, WB, etc) and the mass media.”

Our goals are clearly explained in the right menu. We take this occasion to insist on the facts that:

  • We never pretend to know or tell “what really happened on the 9/11”. Until an independent investigation take place we shouldn’t “claim” any speculation.
  • We want to break the wall of silence and the actual media isolation of the so called “9-11 truth movement” in Europe when over 30% of the US citizen (+60% in New-York!) do ask for that independent investigation.
  • We want to put the 9/11 in its context and link it to its consequences as 9/11 was a pretext to military wars against innocent people, political wars against freedom around the world and on the net, economical wars against the whole population and the planet itself.

Please click the menu on the right for further information on our program.

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