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About UFT…

United for Truth is a citizen initiative. A European platform – not an organization – that unites people, various Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organizations over Europe. The main goal is to give every citizen the possibility to learn about the things they cannot learn about via the various mainstream media, and therefore we organized a third meeting in front of the US embassy  and front of the EU parliament  in Brussels on September 11th, 2009. Something wasn’t right about the way the 9/11 attacks occurred and about how those tragic events had been “used” since that moment. We demand a real, criminal and independent investigation. We want the power to be back to the people.

We strongly reject any form of racism, fascism, any form of integrism or extremism and try to be straight forward, we believe we are doing a great job in being Big Brothers worst nightmare: we think (and act) by ourselves! … What about you?

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